Sun May 1 20:26:26 EDT 2005

Women take over

It's a New Gender Gap: more and more it's girls who populate educational institutions. As the man says in the article, "Girls are better able to deliver in terms of what modern society requires of people -- paying attention, abiding by rules, being verbally competent, and dealing with interpersonal relationships in offices." To put it another way, men make things work, women make nice within a system someone else has set up. If the world is mostly organized and administered top-down, girls will do better, at least among lower-level drudges. I doubt it'll have much effect on the famous "glass ceiling" though.

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Sun May 1 07:42:34 EDT 2005

Casual sex

The problem with sex outside marriage is that you keep all your cards.

The experience tells you you're giving yourself. The fact is you're not, because it's up to you what it means and if you change your mind later there's nothing to tell you you're wrong. So you're separating yourself from what your own body and feelings are telling you.

That's not good when it's something that has a grip on us like sex does. It's especially not good for women, since they have such a hard time separating things anyway. The result is that they hate the situation and hold themselves in contempt, because they know they're not being true to their feelings or anything esle. That spills over to contempt and hatred for the man, who they nonetheless love and depend on. The upshot is fickleness, perversity and bitchiness. Is that what anybody needs?

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