Nyx provides public access to the Internet and the Unix environment, and all this entails, such as:

[Nyx, Nox, and Noc at DU]
Nyx, Nox, and Noc at DU
[Iris and Erebus in Boulder]
Iris (news) and Erebus (administrative) in Boulder
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The Portmaster was donated to us by Livingston at the urging of Paul Gregg. The logo on the front was modified by Chris Cypser from Ron Carter's version.
We've moved Nyx and all associated support machines to the cloud.
The system itself used to be on two Sun SparcServer 2's (nyx & noc), a Sun SparcServer 1+ (arachne), a SparcServer 10 (nyx10 or nox) and the new 586 (iris). All machines were entirely paid for by user donations. The Suns were purchased as the result of fund drives while Nyx was still part of the University of Denver Math & Computer Science Department and the 586 was added a few months after the network left the University in the fall of 1997. Nyx has 32 Mb of primary memory and about 1.5 gigabyte of disk space, and runs SunOS 4.1.4. Nyx10 has 32Mb RAM and 5Gb disk and runs SunOS 4.1.3 (soon to be upgraded). The modems are connected to two Annex terminal servers, all of which were also purchased via donations. All this is maintained by an administrative staff of volunteers including, Paul Gregg , System Administrator; Elie Rosenblum , Mail Administrator; and Casper Maarbjerg , System Administrator

Donations of equipment or time are welcomed and will be acknowledged in our special ' Thanks ' page.

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