Sites that Share with Nyx!

To help support our fund drive, several organizations have offered to share a percent of their proceeds with Nyx for purchases made through special links. Namely:

Amazon Smile

Amazon shares 0.5% of sales made through the Amazon Smile link. Visit the page to set up Nyx as your designated charity, then all purchases made through that link will benefit Nyx! (Note that you have to make the purchase through the Amazon Smile link.)

ReAnimus Press

Seeing Amazon's great idea, Nyx founder Andrew Burt established a similar program with his ReAnimus Press site— 30% of the proceeds of ebook sales made through these links benefit Nyx. (Each lists a link you can share with others to increase the benefit to Nyx.) A sample of ebook titles is below, or the full catalog is in the ReAnimus Press Store.

History / Biography

The Box: An Oral History of Television, 1920-1961 by Jeff Kisseloff
The Box: An Oral History of Television, 1920-1961, by Jeff Kisseloff

“Wondrous... An oral scrapbook of the pioneering days of our video nation”The New York Times Book Review

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You Must Remember This: An Oral History of Manhattan from the 1890s to World War II by Jeff Kisseloff
You Must Remember This: An Oral History of Manhattan from the 1890s to World War II, by Jeff Kisseloff

Amazing stories of Manhattan from those who lived them.

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I've Never Been To Me by Charlene Oliver [Motown #1 hit singer]
I've Never Been To Me, by Charlene Oliver [Motown #1 hit singer]

More than just an amazing and inspirational story, more than just a window into what it's like having a #1 hit song and working with music greats like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and Michael Jackson, Charlene's autobiography is also a must-read for anyone considering a career in music.

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Jefferson County, Colorado - A Unique & Eventful History! by Carole Lomond [Local author!]
Jefferson County, Colorado - A Unique & Eventful History!, by Carole Lomond [Local author!]

An amazing history of Jeffco. With 2,000 pictures, a must read for everyone living in the Denver area or interested in the history of Colorado and the West!

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Immortality by Ben Bova
Immortality, by Ben Bova

Dr. Bova explores the future effects of science and technology on the human life span. Death will no longer be the inevitable end of life.

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The Story of Light by Ben Bova
The Story of Light, by Ben Bova

In this all-encompassing work, Ben Bova explores the subject of light and shows how it has shaped every aspect of our existence.

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Steep Deep & Dyslexic by Jeffrey Bergeron [Local author!]
Steep Deep & Dyslexic, by Jeffrey Bergeron [Local author!]

A wonderfully funny mix of Andy Rooney and Garrison Keillor. Biff America poignantly writes what the American people need to know. Through it all, Biff America has a gift for revealing the uplifting realities of modern life and, sometimes, his humor will make you blow beer through your nose.

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Innocents Abroad (Fully Illustrated & Enhanced Collectors' Edition) by Mark Twain
Innocents Abroad (Fully Illustrated & Enhanced Collectors' Edition), by Mark Twain

Best. Travel. Book. Ever. (With all original illustrations.)

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Underhanded Bridge by Jerry Sohl
Underhanded Bridge, by Jerry Sohl

A hilarious handbook of devious diversions and stratagems for winning at bridge.

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Underhanded Chess by Jerry Sohl
Underhanded Chess, by Jerry Sohl

A hilarious handbook of devious diversions and stratagems for winning at chess.

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American Goliath by Harvey Jacobs
American Goliath, by Harvey Jacobs

The (mostly!) true story of America's greatest hoax, with a fantastic(al) twist from an award-winning author. [World Fantasy Award finalist!]

"An inspired novel."TIME Magazine.

"A masterpiece...arguably this year's best novel."Kirkus Reviews.

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The Multiple Man by Ben Bova
The Multiple Man, by Ben Bova

As the President is speaking inside an auditorium in Boston, the President's Press Secretary discovers a body in an alley outside: The body of the President.

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The Soldier's Daughter by Roby James
The Soldier's Daughter, by Roby James

Sir William Wallace, the Scots hero, left his daughter three things...

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William J. Hypperbone, or The Will of an Eccentric by Jules Verne
William J. Hypperbone, or The Will of an Eccentric, by Jules Verne

A fantastic adventure across the United States awaits in the first ebook edition of Jules Verne's rarest book.

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Side Effects by Harvey Jacobs
Side Effects, by Harvey Jacobs

Vonnegut meets Catch-22! In the last hours of his hectic life, Simon Apple faces up to the hard truth that his very survival represents a prescription for disaster, not only for the pharmaceutical industry but for the nation itself! From award-winning author Harvey Jacobs.

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The Lemon Eaters by Jerry Sohl
The Lemon Eaters, by Jerry Sohl

The acclaimed novel about the games people play and when they suddenly lose their rules...

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Local Knowledge (A Kieran Lenahan Mystery) by Conor Daly
Local Knowledge (A Kieran Lenahan Mystery), by Conor Daly

Lawyer-turned-golf pro Kieran Lenahan must solve the murder of millionaire country-club owner Sylvester Miles. "A FAST-PACED MYSTERY"—THE NEW YORK TIMES

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Young Adult

Xenostorm: Rising by Brian Clegg
Xenostorm: Rising, by Brian Clegg

14 year old Davy finds himself facing a powerful underground group who have lived for hundreds of years—and want to see him dead. The future of human existence is in the balance...

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Einar and the Cursed City by Chet Gottfried
Einar and the Cursed City, by Chet Gottfried

Sixteen-year-old Einar enters Jorghaven for dueling and desserts, but a curse has changed everyone except Barbara Bloodbath, who needs his help to free the city!

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Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Star Conquerors by Ben Bova
The Star Conquerors, by Ben Bova

Speical Collectors' Edition! Six time Hugo winner Ben Bova's most sought-after novel is now an ebook with the original Mel Hunter cover and an essay from Ben on the history of the book!

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A Guide to Barsoom by John Flint Roy
A Guide to Barsoom, by John Flint Roy

THE OFFICIAL, DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO EDGAR RICE BURROUGH'S BARSOOM. Everything there is to know about John Carter of Mars and his world — the people, places and things, with maps and fully illustrated.

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The Exiles Trilogy by Ben Bova
The Exiles Trilogy, by Ben Bova

When all the best of Earth's scientists are exiled to a space station, they decide to embark on an even grander adventure to the stars. An epic trilogy in one volume.

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The Sigil Trilogy (Omnibus vol.1-3) by Henry Gee
The Sigil Trilogy (Omnibus vol.1-3), by Henry Gee

The amazing Sigil Trilogy complete in one volume!

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Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad
Bug Jack Barron, by Norman Spinrad

GET SET FOR THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU! The banned book is back! You've heard of it, now you can read it! Lover and hero, Jack Barron, troubleshooter and media god of the Bug Jack Barron Show, has one last chance to hit it big when he meets Benedict Howards, the power-mad man with the secret to immortality. A Hugo and Nebula Award finalist!

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Shadrach in the Furnace by Robert Silverberg
Shadrach in the Furnace, by Robert Silverberg

Meet the new Khan! Soon to be immortal... A Hugo and Nebula Award Finalist novel from a Grand Master of science fiction.

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The Weathermakers by Ben Bova
The Weathermakers, by Ben Bova

After conquering everything else, the last frontier was... controlling Mother Nature! By the award-winning hard SF author of the Grand Tour series.

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The Dueling Machine by Ben Bova
The Dueling Machine, by Ben Bova

Civilized, harmless virtual reality dueling has replaced all physical conflict — everything from punching someone over a personal insult to interstellar warfare... until a madman dictator of a small empire finds a way to cheat, and use the dueling machine to take over the galaxy!

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The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells by Ben Bova
The Craft of Writing Science Fiction that Sells, by Ben Bova

Learn how to write SF from the master! Ben Bova, best-selling author and six-time Hugo Award winner for Best Editor explains step by step all the elements you need to write profesionally selling science fiction.

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Bloom by Wil McCarthy [Local author!]
Bloom, by Wil McCarthy [Local author!]

In 2106, microscopic machine/creatures escape their creators to populate the inner solar system with a wild, deadly ecology all their own, pushing the tattered remnants of humanity out into the cold and dark of the outer planets. Seven astronauts must embark on mankind's boldest venture yet—the perilous journey home to infected Earth!

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Colony by Ben Bova
Colony, by Ben Bova

Island One is a celestial utopia, and David Adams is its most perfect creation. But David is a prisoner, destined to spend his life in an island-sized cylinder orbiting a doomed home planet. David has a plan—one that will ultimately save humanity... or destroy it.

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Test of Fire by Ben Bova
Test of Fire, by Ben Bova

A small group of survivors fight to rebuild civilization after the Earth is devastated by a huge solar flare.

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The Mars Monopoly by Jerry Sohl
The Mars Monopoly, by Jerry Sohl

One of the famous Ace Doubles, with the wonderful original cover, The Mars Monopoly still stands today as a great, fun story in the classic style.

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XPERTS: The Telekinetic by Hermann Maurer
XPERTS: The Telekinetic, by Hermann Maurer

Marcus, a physics student, discovers that he has strong telekinetic powers during a climb in the mountains. — "Maurer puts the readers under his spell with this novel about telekinesis."—WDR-TV

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Phoenix Without Ashes by Harlan Ellison and Edward Bryant [Local author!]
Phoenix Without Ashes, by Harlan Ellison and Edward Bryant [Local author!]

Co-written with Harlan Ellison and based on the award-winning script, the story of mankind's last salvation gone awry.

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Wyoming Sun by Edward Bryant [Local author!]
Wyoming Sun, by Edward Bryant [Local author!]

Wyoming Sun by Edward Bryant : East of your nightmares, west of your dreams...

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Particle Theory by Edward Bryant [Local author!]
Particle Theory, by Edward Bryant [Local author!]

Particle Theory by Edward Bryant :

A collection of many of Ed's best works, including two Nebula Award winning short stories.

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Commencement by Roby James
Commencement, by Roby James

The Sting was what made Ronica McBride special—now she was crashed on an unknown planet without it.

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Commitment by Roby James
Commitment, by Roby James

Using her rare power over human minds, Ronica McBride vows to destroy the corruption tearing apart the interstellar empire.

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Ghosts of Engines Past by Sean McMullen [Steampunk!]
Ghosts of Engines Past, by Sean McMullen [Steampunk!]

Award winning steampunk from a master!

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The Cure for Everything by Severna Park
The Cure for Everything, by Severna Park

Finding the cure for all diseases comes with a heavy price. Nebula Award winner!

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Costigan s Needle by Jerry Sohl
Costigan s Needle, by Jerry Sohl

What really was Dr. Costigan's tool for medical research? Where did the eye of the needle actually lead to?

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The Gilded Basilisk by Chet Gottfried
The Gilded Basilisk, by Chet Gottfried

Add a basilisk, a dragon, and weirdragons to the mix-up of a theft going from bad to worse: Friends become enemies and enemies friends, wars loom, and the intrigues threaten the fate of two kingdoms.

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Jewels of the Dragon by Allen L. Wold
Jewels of the Dragon, by Allen L. Wold

The greatest of treasures awaits... on the deadliest of planets.

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Woman Without a Shadow by Karen Haber
Woman Without a Shadow, by Karen Haber

War Minstrels #1. Kayla, an extraordinarily gifted young telepath, is on the run after challenging the most powerful families on her home planet, who've tried to take everything from her.

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By The Sea by Henry Gee
By The Sea, by Henry Gee

A gothic modern scientific fiction horror mystery...

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